vendredi, juin 13, 2008

Janisson Baradon dans le New York Times

" Some small, high-end champagne makers are doing so well that they have stopped taking orders for their latest vintage. Cyril Janisson, a fifth-generation Champagne maker, increased production at his family’s winery, Janisson Baradon & Fils, to 95,000 bottles last year, a 17 percent increase, but quickly sold out with standing orders. “There’s more demand than we can produce,” Mr. Janisson said, standing in the cool darkness of the family’s winery in Épernay, one of the centers of the Champagne regionNeat rows of Champagne bottles, on reserve for major customers, are marked with the names of importers from Britain, Norway and Japan, where consumers favor a special vintage of the winery’s Vendeville Brut, labeled with a pink heart and Japanese lettering.

The Janisson family’s Champagne is aged the old-fashioned way in oak barrels, but Mr. Janisson — an indefatigable blogger — maintains ties to his major customers around the world with a click of his computer keyboard. "

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