vendredi, juin 08, 2007

Janisson Baradon sur Herald Tribune

Notre domaine figure dans un article du Blog du Célèbre Journal "Herald Tribune":

Day Trips from Paris: Champagne
Posted by Thomas Crampton in Paris
Paris itself is a great city to visit, but there are a number of sites nearby worth a day trip.
Classic trips out of town include chateaux like Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte or Giverny, the house and gardens that Monet made famous.
In searching for festive drinks for my wedding, however, I noticed that Champagne is only about a one hour drive from Paris. After posting a note on my French blog, I received a number of suggestions of where I should buy a reasonably priced Champagne.
Responses - some highly detailed - poured in, including 34 replies to the post here and 19 here.
Among those responding was Jean-Emmanuel Simond, who is a reputed connoisseur of wines with an office near our home in central Paris. Jean-Emmanuel kindly offered to meet for a coffee and we discussed the Champagnes recommended by the blog, those with the best ratings in the excellent book we have used by the Revue du Vin de France and those he himself recommends.
Triangulating between the book’s highest rated champagnes (which I mapped below, with full interactive version here), Jean-Emmanuel narrowed it down to three Champagnes of great interest: Anselme Salosse, Egly-Ouriet and Janisson-Baradon.

We finally chose Janisson-Baradon as best fitting our criteria of a small producer with history (5th generation), a great Champagne (16.5/20 in our book) and as a bonus, his son, Cyril Janisson, is even a blogger. I posted a call on the blog for people to help track him down and heard back from Cyril on Friday that he would meet us the next day.
Like most Champagne houses, Janisson-Baradon is normally closed over the weekend, but Cyril was so amused by the way I found him that he agreed to open specially for us.
Check ahead to see if the Champagne house you want to visit will be open, but the trip is really worthwhile.

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